Field Consulting unveils lobbying’s first ever official beer

Field Consulting unveils lobbying’s first ever official beer

Lobbying is to get its own ale after lobbying firm, Field Consulting, launched ‘Golden Lobbyist’ to celebrate moving into its new offices. The 4.1% golden ale has been brewed especially for the public affairs industry and is now being served at Field’s new Borough Market offices on Southwark Street.

Chris Rumfitt, master brewer and founder and Chief Executive of Field Consulting said:

“Beer has always oiled the wheels of lobbying and now lobbying has its own beer. Everyone knows that public affairs happens best when you’ve got a drink in your hand. At Field Consulting we’ve rejected champagne, alcopops and fancy foreign brews and we’ve launched our very own beer, brewed in Kent and drank in Westminster. Field is a fast growing agency with some of the freshest talent in the industry and now we have a fresh citrus and light spicy tasting beer to match. Clients will love it, it’s as fresh and insightful as our counsel and it’s free to all Field clients.”

“It comes with alcohol, especially helpful for encouraging loose tongues to share gossip and intelligence. Drinking Golden Lobbyist will also enable you to network more helping you create your stakeholder maps faster. And whether you are voting to stay in or leave the EU you’ll enjoy the hoppy taste of this fine English product.”

Golden Lobbyist is a 4.1% golden ale with a fresh citrus and light spicy taste. To coincide with the American Presidential elections the ale is an all malt brew made with whole American hops. Golden Lobbyist is brewed by the Dartford Wobbler Brewery, renowned for its exceptional beers with character and available to purchase at

Field denies that they are planning on launching their own brand of golden bathroom fittings to accompany the beer. Or that any of the above claims for the powers of Golden Lobbyist are actually true.